RIP asbest

Regular visitors may have noticed that this website has been down for a few days, as well as IRC still being down. This is because the server that has been running most of our services, asbest, died a few days ago after 18 years of operation. In honour of this long service we present the Hymn of Asbest:

We are currently in the process of moving stuff to virtual machines and setting up a proper router/firewall on this spiffy mini ITX board donated by Tranquillity:

New router

We should hopefully get most services up and running in the coming days. Additionally, our open sign was vandalized by hooligans a while back:

Broken open sign

We are in the process of building a sturdier sign. We hope to get more activity going in the space once the pandemic situation is over, such as repair mondays. More on this in the future.